About Akhil Bharatiya Sankalp Trust

AKHIL BHARATIYA SANKALP TRUST was founded by a team of educationist, visionary, social worker. They are always willing and ever ready to extend their helping hands to the poor and needy. The prevailing system of child education didn’t satisfy the needs. This needed a new approach and vision. The team of Akhil Bhartiya Sankalp Trust visited educational organization & Centers like Schools, Colleges and Institutions in several states like Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, etc. To acquaint themselves with modern technique and methods of education.



As a result, a new approaches nascent Co-Education System Programmed. It’s a pioneer project of its kind in Eastern Coal Mines Area in Godda, Jharkhand state.

St. Menhi Sankalp Public School
based on C.B.S.E. curriculum.

1. Unit-I
Class: Nursery to VII
Jawahar Nagar, Mission Chowk, Godda (Jharkhand)

2. Unit-II
Class: Nursery to VII
MM Dham, Pakariya, Godda (Jharkhand)

3. Unit-III
Class: Nursery to V
Punsia Bazar, Dhoraiya Road, Banka (Bihar)

4. Unit-IV
Class: Nursery to VI
Mahuwara, Parasi, Thakurgangti, Godda (Jharkhand)

The ideas, the children must be educated in atmosphere of love and gentleness. Our school provided caring Co-operation and supportive environments which encouraged children to bring out the best in them on the principle of education, “Development of the whole human-body mind, intellect and spirit”.